Progressive House | OLWIK - This Life (Feat. Johnning)

So… not gonna lie I’ve never even heard of OLWIK (Guilty). But hey, there’s a first time for everything right? If you’re in the same boat, I’ll educate you. OLWIK is a 17 year old unsigned Swedish producer who apparently produces absolute jams in “his free time.” This time, he hops on a track with some incredible vocal work by Johnning to create a scintillating summer tune. Cheers to you OLWIK & best of luck getting signed in the future. From what I can hear you deserve it.

Oh and props to absoluteedm & xclusivesession on the find. 

(via absoluteedm)

Electronic | Hippie Sabotage - Stay High (Tove Lo Flip)

Another old track being posted, but I’m crankin’ out a paper at the union right now n’ this track is definitely helping me through it. Hippie Sabotage knows how to keep it chill & this track only shows that. Light up, write up, & relax the night away with this amazing tune. 

Progressive House | Audien - Hindsight (Original Mix)

Oh hell YES. My personal favorite artist is back with a brand new track and it doesn’t disappoint. Filled with highs and lo… well no there’s only highs in this song. Prepare for good vibes from here on out cause the snare in this track will immediately kick the crap out of any negative emotions you were holding on to. 

Progressive House | Deorro (Feat. Adrian Delgado) - Let Me Love You 

So this song has been out for a while, but I’ve been jammin’ to it lately so why not post it ya know? Deorro hits my music nerve in all the right ways & Adrian Delgado only strengthens the effect. The beginning of this song is remarkably soothing, which transitions smoothly into a soft progressive synth. Hit the stream and download if you haven’t already. 

Trap | CHVRCHES - The Mother We Share (Vanic Remix)

I’ve never really been a fan of trap, but this is just too good to pass up. Vanic grabs this already majestic track and takes it into the clouds. Lauren Mayberry’s vocals are on point as always, and Vanic’s adaptation just screams feel good. Safe to say this track will be on repeat all week. Hit the stream, download, and enjoy this amazing track. :D

Electro Step | TBMA - Obsessed EP

What better way to brighten my night at the library then to post a few feel good tracks for y’all. Here we have Boston born TBMA (The Bolivian Marching Affair) and their newest EP titled “Obsessed.” The title is ironic, because I’m immediately obsessed with Lynn Gvnn’s candy coated vocals on this track. Combine that with TBMA’s amazing ability to combine electro, dubstep, and house all in one, and you have one hell of a track. Hit the stream and pick your favorite above. 

Trap | Tropkillaz & Party Favor - Dat Booty

Real talk here… I’m really not much of a trap guy. Granted there are a few bangers out there, but for the most party I try to stay away from the whole genre altogether. With that being said, HOLY HELL. If you’re playing music at a party any time soon and need to slide a track in at around 1:30 am - This is IT. It’s sure to the party where it needs to go. Hit the stream and enjoy.

Progressive House | Adventure Club & David Solano - Unleash (Feat. Zak Waters) (Life In Color Anthem 2014)

Solano, Waters, & Adventure Club join forces to create the Life In Color Anthem 2014 and let me just say, it is an absolute banger. “Unleash” is an incredibly emotional & powerful track that will have you on your feet in seconds. Do yourself a favor and grab this track off beatport as it was just released yesterday. Hit up the Life In Color website as well to find out when the festival is coming near you. 

Progressive House | Pierce Fulton - Old Man & the Sea (Original Mix)

Earlier this year, Pierce Fulton released a promo video of his tour of Central America which featured many of his upcoming tracks including one unreleased track titled “Old Man & the Sea.” Pierce recently released an EP titled “Runaway” featuring this new track. This track has a beautifully crafted buildup that leads into an outstandingly refreshing progressive drop. As the the old man in the song suggests, “Boy that sounds great.”

Dance | Dirty Vegas - Setting Sun

We finally had a legitimately nice day outside today so I figured this song would be a particularly fitting post. Dirty Vegas recently released this gem and I’m incredibly happy they did. This upbeat, dance track is perfect for summer cruising or (as the song suggests) “running from the setting sun.” Hit the stream and enjoy.